Do you know how a DUI conviction will affect your future?

Young people may not always think very far into the future, but high school students often look forward to college as the next step in their lives while college students think about their first, full-time job.

If you are under the age of 21, do you have a good driving record? If you are ever convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, that conviction can seriously affect your plans for the future.

Education roadblocks

If you are about to fill out applications for the colleges you are interested in attending, keep in mind that a DUI conviction on your record may make admission difficult. Furthermore, if you are considering a career as a teacher, lawyer, nurse or commercial driver you may face disappointment. Professions such as these and many others require certification or state licensing, and a DUI conviction may disqualify you as an applicant.

Background checks

No matter what kind of job you want, remember that many recruiters or human resources professionals perform routine background checks on candidates. You may have everything a company is looking for in their next employee, but when a hiring manager discovers a DUI on your record, he or she may pass you over in favor of a candidate who has no such conviction and comes across as more trustworthy.

Insurance woes

The other kind of issue you will face with a DUI on your record is the matter of auto insurance. If you have a driver’s license suspension, you will have to show proof of insurance before you can have it reinstated. Because of the DUI conviction, your current insurance company may not renew your policy. If they do keep you on, they will likely raise your rates significantly.

Mitigating circumstances

There is more to a DUI conviction than you think. From a legal point of view, the objective is to protect your rights, achieve the best outcome possible for your case, and minimize the damage to your future.