You Can Lose Scholarships After a DUI

There are numerous consequences when a court convicts a person of driving under the influence of alcohol. A person may have to go to jail, pay a fine and lose out on professional opportunities. The consequences only become greater when the convicted party is still in college because there is a good chance he or she will lose essential scholarships. 

Many colleges around Georgia have their own penalties for students convicted of DUI. A single mistake can jeopardize a student's entire educational future simply because there will no longer be a way for the student to pay for school. This is why it is so critical for anyone arrested for DUI to fight against all charges. 

The HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE Scholarship is a significant source of tuition for numerous students. Every year, thousands of students are either able to go to college or have an easier time paying for college with this source of revenue. Hundreds of thousands of dollars go out every year to students who attend Georgia Tech, UGA and other educational institutions. However, a DUI conviction can throw all that in jeopardy. 

The HOPE Scholarship has various requirements for students who want to maintain it all four years. Students need to continue to attend a HOPE-eligible college as well as maintain a GPA of at least 3.0. However, the scholarship also requires recipients to maintain clean records. A student who pleads guilty to any drug-related crime, including DUI, will lose the scholarship. It also renders the student unable to apply for the scholarship in future terms even if he or she maintains a clean record after the DUI. 

State and federal scholarships

The state of Georgia and the federal government offer many other scholarships. Each one comes with its own terms, but they typically follow the same protocol as the HOPE Scholarship. A single drug or alcohol offense is enough to lose the money entirely.