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Knowing more about alcohol may keep you from driving drunk

Perhaps you are attending Mercer University, in which case you probably get together with your buddies at parties and other extracurricular events where alcohol is served. As a college student, you may think driving is not a problem if you have only consumed a few beers. Maybe this is a good time to learn more about the effects of alcohol on you, personally, and whether you should drive after enjoying those beers.

Georgia ranks No. 2 for strictest DUI laws in the country

Last year, Georgia received the runner-up spot as the state with the strictest DUI laws in the country, according to WalletHub.com, a personal finance website. Of course, the No. 2 ranking pleases law enforcement officers in the state. In their opinion, strict laws act encourage drivers to find alternatives to getting behind the wheel when they are impaired.


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