Fighting For Your License And Your Future In Georgia

Georgia aggressively pursues those charged with driving under the influence. The Peach State has some of the strictest DUI laws in the U.S. Not only could you face fines and jail time for a DUI, but you could also face license suspension or probation. Plus, a DUI can leave a mark on your criminal record, disqualifying you from future employment, housing, educational and professional licensing opportunities.

Since DUI charges are complicated and can involve legal, technical and scientific factors to determine guilt, you need a qualified lawyer who understands how to defend you against your DUI charge. At Deadwyler-Heuman Law Firm, LLC, our Macon-based lawyers have the experience, knowledge and resources you need to protect your rights and your freedoms.

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DUI Laws In Georgia

Georgia is one of the states where you can find yourself under arrest not only for driving while under the influence but also for “operating” a vehicle, which generally means being in physical control of the car, truck or other motorized vehicle. Physical control can extend to being behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition but not driving, or sleeping behind the wheel in a drunken state. This law intends to prevent driving while under the influence and, in such a situation, the court will look at how close you were to driving your vehicle while in an impaired state. Contact one of our Macon lawyers to learn more about Georgia DUI laws.

How Is A DUI Defined In Georgia?

Under Georgia law, you can face arrest for DUI under the following circumstances:

  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC) as an adult measured .08% or higher.
  • Your BAC as a driver under 21 measured .02% or higher.
  • Your BAC as a commercial license holder driving a commercial vehicle measured .04% or higher.
  • You were deemed impaired by drugs or alcohol by law enforcement, even if your BAC did not measure at the legal limit.
  • You had any quantity of illegal drugs in your body at the time of your arrest.

The penalties for a DUI in the Peach State can be unforgiving. An attorney from our legal team can help you fight these charges.

Georgia DUI Penalties

How you are penalized for a conviction under Georgia law will depend on whether you’ve had prior convictions within the last 10 years and your BAC at the time of the arrest. For instance, you will face increased penalties if your BAC measures .15% or higher.

What Are First-Offense DUI Penalties?

For first-offense DUI, the penalties include jail time from 10 days to a year, fines from $300 to $1,000, 20 to 40 hours of community service, a license suspension for a year for adults and six months for those under 21, and DUI school. You may receive a year of probation instead of jail time. However, Georgia mandates a minimum amount of time in jail, which is 24 hours for a first offense, 72 hours for a second offense and 15 days for a third offense. Anyone convicted of a DUI in Georgia must undergo an alcohol or drug evaluation and any substance abuse treatment program ordered by the court. Navigating a first-time DUI in Georgia can get complicated; contact an attorney as soon as possible to learn about your options.

What Are Second-Offense DUI Penalties?

A second DUI conviction within five years will lead to losing your license plates, while a third one in Georgia within five years will result in forfeiting your vehicle. Second and third DUI convictions, including longer license suspension periods, will increase penalties.

When Does A DUI A Felony In Georgia?

In Georgia, a DUI conviction can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the number of prior convictions you have had in the previous 10 years. A third DUI conviction within 10 years will result in a felony charge.

Third-offense felony DUI conviction is punishable by:

  • A $1,000 to $5,000 fine
  • 120 days to 12 months in jail
  • 30 days minimum community service

These consequences can vary depending on numerous factors in your case.

How Can A DUI Affect Your Future?

If you are ever convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, that conviction can seriously affect your plans for the future. Understanding the consequences of a DUI conviction is essential in protecting your rights, achieving the best outcome possible for your case and minimizing the damage to your future. One of our Macon DUI lawyers at Deadwyler-Heuman Law Firm, LLC, can help you protect your future.

DUI Convictions And Education

If you are about to fill out applications for the colleges you are interested in attending, remember that a DUI conviction on your record may make admission difficult. Furthermore, you may be disappointed if you are considering a career as a teacher, lawyer, nurse or commercial driver. Professions such as these and many others require certification or state licensing, and a DUI conviction may disqualify you as an applicant.

Background Checks For DUI Convictions

No matter what kind of job you want, remember that many recruiters or human resources professionals perform routine background checks on candidates. You may have everything a company is looking for in their next employee. Still, when a hiring manager discovers a DUI on your record, they may pass you over in favor of a candidate who has no such conviction and is more trustworthy.

DUI Convictions And Car Insurance

Another issue you will face with a DUI on your record is the matter of auto insurance. If you have a driver’s license suspension, you will have to show proof of insurance before reinstating it. Because of the DUI conviction, your current insurance company may not renew your policy. If it does keep you on, it will likely raise your rates significantly.

Our Macon DUI Attorneys Are Ready To Help

While an arrest is scary, it does not automatically mean you will be convicted. Any criminal offense is defendable, and at Deadwyler-Heuman Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers will thoroughly review and analyze every aspect of your case in search of legal and technical errors, flaws and inconsistencies.

Anything found in your favor can be beneficial to your case. However, you will need a determined and savvy attorney willing to go the extra mile. At our Macon DUI law firm, you can depend on our team’s willingness to do everything ethically possible to eliminate or reduce the consequences of a DUI arrest.

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