Humanitarian Immigration And Federal Remedies To Prevent Deportation

Federal remedies have been established for many individuals to prevent deportation (removal) or to provide an avenue for protection against such crimes as human trafficking, domestic abuse, and the actual or potential for persecution in one’s home country. If you or someone you know falls into any of these categories, it is highly advised that you seek proper legal counsel from a Macon immigration attorney who has experience with humanitarian immigration relief.

Deadwyler-Heuman Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping you seek the relief you need in your situation through whatever federal immigration remedies may be available to you. Our firm is committed to providing competent and caring legal support. We will begin by listening to your story and determining the legal avenues that are applicable to your individual circumstances. From there, we can take the proper steps to help you seek a favorable resolution to your immigration case.

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The VAWA Visa (The Violence Against Women Act)

Under the VAWA, you may seek to obtain a green card on your own if you have suffered domestic battery, abuse, or cruel treatment by any of the following:

  • Your U.S. citizen spouse or former spouse, parent, son, or daughter
  • Your lawful permanent resident (green card holder) spouse, former spouse, or parent

You have the right to petition for your green card privately, without your abuser’s knowledge of the application or event. This is known as a “self-petition” and the process is referred to as an adjustment of status. Please contact us for a discreet and confidential consultation.

T Visa And U Visa (Victims Of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act)

Under the above-named federal law, if you have been or are a victim of human trafficking, you may be eligible for nonimmigrant status under the T visa. This type of visa allows you to stay in the U.S. for up to four years if you have provided assistance to law enforcement officials when they are investigating or prosecuting a human trafficking case. Certain of your family members may also be eligible for this type of visa – check with us for more information. You may also be eligible to get authorization to work and receive certain federal or state benefits.

Under this law, trafficking includes both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. These are considered forms of slavery committed through fraud, coercion, or force.

The Victims of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act also established the U visa for victims who have suffered mental or physical violence and who have helped law enforcement officers of the U.S. government in investigating and prosecuting criminal activity. Domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking of aliens, and other criminal activity fall into this category. It also applies to those who have suffered abuse related to such crimes and is intended to help bring the perpetrators to justice. Such crimes must have occurred within the U.S. or have violated one or more U.S. laws. You may also apply if you are outside the U.S.

Asylum (Relief From Persecution)

Asylum consists of protection extended to you by the U.S. government as an individual who has suffered persecution in your home country or who fears persecution will take place if you return to your home country. This refers to persecution based on your race, religion, nationality or membership in a social group, or based on your political views or political advocacy. Under the laws establishing asylum, you may be eligible and granted the right to remain in the U.S. Your spouse and children may be included in your application.

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Other federal remedies may be available for other immigration issues, including remedies that you can seek for defense against deportation / removal. Whatever issue you are facing, the first step is to get in touch with our skilled Macon attorneys who can listen to your story and advise you on your legal options.

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