If you find yourself with a DUI charge after hanging with your friends around campus in the Macon and Savannah areas, you might be wondering what happens next and how you can avoid the consequences. You might also find yourself wondering how to tell your parents. Though you might believe you can handle the situation all on your own, your parents and a good attorney can help.

The law is not lenient for first-time and repeat DUI offenders. The penalties are stiff and the financial implications can become expensive. You could also end up without a driver’s license or vehicle, or you may have to use an ignition interlock device to operate it. Here are answers to some common questions people have about DUI charges.

What happens after an arrest?

You might end up in jail after a DUI, but you might not remain there until your trial. At your arraignment, you will stand in front of a judge who will state the crimes you allegedly committed. The judge will also decide whether to allow you to return home until your trial date or keep you in custody. The courts may impose a bond that must be paid for your release. Once you, your parents or a friend pays the bail, you will receive a court date.

What happens if I miss my court date?

If you know ahead of time you might not be able to make your court date, you should inform the courts and your legal representative as soon as possible. If you do not, and you miss it, the courts will issue a bench warrant which will lead to your arrest. Missing your court date can have negative consequences on your trial.

What are my options?

It is beneficial for you to work with a criminal defense attorney that handles DUI cases. The more expertise and trial experience your lawyer has, the better. Ideally, you want to meet with a few attorneys so you can determine which one you feel the most comfortable and confident with for your case.